Our History

The Greek Gospel Church of Toronto was founded in the early 1960’s under the leadership of George Yphantides, who worked with few immigrant families. Prior to this group, Costas Macris met with a group of believers for about a year, but with his departure for the mission field, the group disbanded. Some of these believers later joined the new group under George Yphantides. Andrew Tsangalides pastored the church for a period of time and when he relocated to Greece he asked Basil Zettas to continue the work in 1966. Brother Andrew served the small congregation consistently and sacrificially which was growing in numbers with the new evangelical immigrants. Basil Zettas continued serving the small congregation part-time by commuting from Kitchener, Ontario to Toronto on the weekends.

The services were taking place in various Canadian churches of Toronto, until they finally moved to Calvary Church (Pape & Danforth), where the Church was housed for about ten years. The consistent work of Mr. Zettas who had moved to Toronto, was blessed by God and the Church’s attendance on Sunday mornings was about 40-60 people.

In 1978, after the resignation of Rev. Zettas, the Church called its first full-time minister, Rev. John Hionides. The work continued to be blessed by God in evangelism and Spiritual work. Within a year and a half, the Church voted to start a television program in co-operation with a canadian evangelistic outreach organisation. In 1982, the Church purchased its own building. At that time the Greek Gospel Church had 65 members and a congregation of about 150 on Sunday mornings. It supported the TV program, which was being shown in about 7-10 stations across North America. The objectives of the Church were to start small groups of believers through the TV program in every large city with a Greek community. The Sunday School of the Church had about 90 children and youth.

In September, 1986, the Church moved forward to takeup the support of a young couple that would be studying at the Ontario Theological Seminary, and would oversee the youth work. Argyris Petrou came from Greece and started his service in March, 1987. That year, the Church applied to and was accepted into the Association of Boston of the Southern Baptist Convention of New England. The church building was not adequate and a committee was searching for a larger building. The Greek Gospel Church was overseeing two small groups in the area (in Hamilton, Kitchener) which had started in 1982. The Church was also closely related and helped the Greek Evangelical Churches and groups in Philadelphia, Pa., in Canton, Ohio, in Montreal, Quebec, in Boston, Mass., and Chicago, Ill. In 1987 the Church sold its building and moved to a larger church building with the intention of buying it.

In 1989 pastor John Hionides moved to Boston, Mass., and the church voted Rev. Argyris Petrou to be the pastor. Doros Zachariades served as a youth leader for one year and later on Habib Sakr served as youth leader for four years. After being the pastor for five years Rev. Petrou relocated to Greece and Rev. Kaloterakis came as interim pastor for six months.

Rev. Theodore Kalogeropoulos then came to pastor the Church and served the congregation for two years until end of 1996. Rev. Kalogeropoulos resigned with the intention of moving to Greece and the Church called Rev. John Hionides who came in November, 1996. The Church asked Rev. Kalogeropoulos to stay for a few months as an assistant pastor working with the youth. After his departure for Greece, Michael Proussalidis, a pharmacist, was responsible for the young people of the Church for three years. Aki Evangelidis continued this ministry for another two years after that. In 2002, Rev. Greg Peters served for one year.

In July, 2005, pastor Stelios Papadopoulos began his term working with pastor Hionides who was preparing for retirement. Rev. Hiondes retired in November 2006 as Rev. Papadopoulos continues with the ministry of the Church.

In 1998, the Church transferred its membership from the USA to the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists. Since 1990, the Church had been located on St. Clair Ave. E., where it rented the building. In 1999, the Church found and purchased a building at 871 Pape Avenue, in the heart of the Greek area, with services starting therein that July.